Sunday, September 29, 2019


I kind of enjoy the press that the left's two greatest climate experts are getting these days. It helps define the problem that the hoaxers are having with skeptics who don't believe that science involves consensus and made up numbers and secret algorithms that nobody is allowed to see and validate and let's be honest, if real scientists can't repeat the experiment and achieve the same result, what you have is a failed hypothesis and not some new extension of 'science'. Forthwith, I give you the two greatest anthropogenic heating the world unto catastrophe experts on earth.

Plenty more like this where I took these from at Powerline blog week in pictures.

I remember the cornfield episode from long long ago. It was pretty terrifying. It's nothing less than what the democrats and climate scammers mean to do with the rest of us the next time they take power.


SCOTTtheBADGER said...

Badgers do not countenance the ravings of dingbats.

capt fast said...

I received an odd idea from one of my brothers that I was having a conservation with tonite, concerning how close a movie plot line could come in depicting situation which occured in real life. the subject movie was about politicians in DC having their brains taken over by cockroaches causing them to act "strangely" and "erratically".
I had to squelch the conversation quickly.
Does any one else think the secret has gotten out or is that just me?

HMS Defiant said...

We watched that show and loved it. It pretty much explains everything.