Friday, September 13, 2019


Looking at the state of what is laughably known as both the German and our state of war prep, it is easy to buy the liberal thought that, there is no more war. Liberals are idiots. The only way to keep out of war is to be prepared for war. They never understand that and instantly assume the readiness for war is a prelude to aggression. They work very hard to make it so. In the crucible, the Jews finally figured it out and now stand ready and all their enemies know it.

I would cut France and Germany a little slack because at the end of my service, threat in western Europe is un..............finished.

Oops, lost my train of thought. They and the rest of Europe are failing to gear up for the biggest war since the Siege of Vienna and refuse to accept it. OTGH, they have already lost and why buy weapons and invest in technology for their new masters?

I will be sad to see England vanish. Any student of history knows where the impetus came that made this age different from  those of Rome and Athens and Egypt. It was in most part due to the Royal Society.

It all used to stand for something......but you won't hear it out of those people.

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