Wednesday, September 25, 2019


President Trump is once again under an all out attack from the House. He is badly outnumbered there. I suspect it is going to turn out badly for them.

What the stupid ones in the House will never understand or accept is that Trump is about 20 x smarter than they are and he can play them over and over again. He can make them hysterical with a single tweet. The more cunning democrats think they're just as smart as Trump and don't realize that he glides through politics like a great white shark, about 90% submerged. They don't understand what he's doing until the jaws snap shut on them.  I particularly like what his EPA is doing to the state of California.
The letter informs California that if it fails to submit new plans to increase air quality, the state would be ineligible to receive billions of dollars it is otherwise projected to get from the Federal Highway Administration. 
"We certainly want to avoid these statutory triggers, but our foremost concern must be ensuring clean air for all Americans," Wheeler says in the letter. "That is our goal."
 "California has failed to carry out its most basic responsibilities under the Clean Air Act, and as a result, millions of Californians live in areas that do not meet our nation's air quality standards," he said in a statement on the letter. "EPA stands ready to work with California to meet the Trump administration's goal of clean, healthy air for all Americans, and we hope the state will work with us in good faith."
When President Trump acts they don't even hear the salvo warning alarm. He warned them (California)  last week that he was going after them for their multitudinous failures to preserve the living environment for people but they probably thought he was just jacking them up and wouldn't actually follow thru.

I feel no pity for the House democrats who are now going to be faced with the option of thoroughly pissing off their constituents or pissing off Nancy Pelosi. However they vote, a number of them just got jammed into a giant cleft stick entirely of their own making.


OldAFSarge said...

The progs have completely lost their minds, they've overdosed on their brand of Koolaid and actually believe their own libtard propaganda. Fools!

Anonymous said...

I have a BIL that, during the Clinton presidency, was an aide in the White House. After one Christmas get-together, I observed that it was very scary to hear someone who believed his own side's propaganda.

SCOTTtheBADGER said...

Badgers look forward to their discomforture!

bart simpsonson said...

Get rid of every single illegal alien invader present within the land known (to me, at least) as LaLaLand. Every. Single. One. I guarantee that will improve air quality there (along with many other issues), and in every other state at the same time.*

*Assuming they all are actually sent back to what whichever 3rd world $hithole from which they invaded us US.

HMS Defiant said...

I find it amusing how progressives will fight that tooth and nail and insist that it is impossible to round up 22 million illegal aliens and send them home but then turn around and insist the police can round up 300,000,000 firearms they want to declare illegal despite the 2nd Amendment.