Tuesday, September 10, 2019


You don't have to be ignorant of history, you just have to care about politics more. There are, literally, people in the current White House that think they can ink a peace deal with the people that brought us 9/11 and blew up two of our embassies in Africa and they think of themselves as cognitive statespeople.


I don't live in New York City or Washington DC and neither does anybody I care about. I'd be a little more concerned about radioactive attacks if my daughter lived there but I live to the west and the prevailing wind is usually, from the west.

Were I to still live in the corridor of fire, I'd be outraged at this but it is every bit of what they voted for again and again.

srsly, a peace treaty with what calls itself the taliban? It is as if nobody involved read history.


capt fast said...

I keep being told to trust the plan. they don't have a clue and the only two guys with a clue recently left. I believe that is the genuine reason matis left. and now bolton. two guys who know the score. I believe trumpster is getting really bad advice from clueless state department leftover bastards and that is all he is getting now that the two dissenting voices are gone. just because "everybody else believes it" doesn't make it right(at least in the schools I went to)

SCOTTtheBADGER said...

What we need to do, is kill every last Taliban member.

HMS Defiant said...

To simply write, been there, done that, doesn't convey the weight of sorrow. Our own islamists now home grow them and we aren't allowed to kill them until they do something awful to us.

After the fall of the West to the arabs long ago, you ever notice that while there were some people the West tolerated after Constantinople fell to the Ottomans, what they didn't tolerate at all was any of the muslims in their countries. Oops.

HMS Defiant said...

Endless war is not the answer and I think both Mattis and Bolton knew that. Bolton was trying to kick the can down the road a little further and Mattis is exactly the man you and I think he is and he could no longer do what those degenerate bastards in the LBJ and Nixon administrations admitted, decades later that they did in Vietnam. They kept sending young men to die there for a cause they knew they couldn't win and refused to think about. I think enough of our young men and women have died in SWA and one more is a thousand times too many. I personally admire Mattis and think he knew that what had to be done was break the mold. Bolton was one of those who thought if we just used the hammer and hit a little harder we could fix islam and the middle east. Unfortunately, there a lot of them and we frown quite heavily at genocide which is doubly unfortunate because I don't see any other way out. They hate us to death and will till they die. If one likes war I guess that's OK since it is full time employment guaranteed but I don't like war. The people that still believe that somehow there can be a real meaningful peace treaty between the Israelis and the whole arab/muslim world are my favorite examples of people too smart to live. We are part of that thing now and forever.