Friday, July 28, 2017


I find it kind of fascinating that we are coming up on 100 year anniversaries of some truly awful battles from the Great War. As a boy and later, I always had a horror of this battle 100 years ago. The numbers of men killed are simply staggering and almost unbelievable to Americans today. We still and hopefully will, read aloud the names of our servicemen and women who were killed in the Global War on Terror in Iraq and Afghanistan and a few other places.

I remember standing in a used bookshop in the Tottenham Court Road about 3 decades ago and looking at the stack of books that came up to my chest. They were all part of a single set of books and all they contained was the name, rank, regiment and place and date of death in the Great War. It was a record of names single spaced in three columns per page in very small print.

There's more about the battle and the human sacrifice at the link. It's well worth reading unless you're already feeling melancholy.


The Old Man said...

The slaughter at Passchendale was greater than the slaughters during the American Civil War (numerically or proportionately). The only issue it solved was the willingness displayed by each side to carry on.
WRT the latest conflict, I am not sure that the willingness is there. I do believe that there is a "reserve" of former military folks who are willing to fill the gap. Time will tell if the Western Civilization perseveres.
We'll see.

HMS Defiant said...

I'm not optimistic anymore. Wherever the SJW's have prevailed in the West they have done everything in their power to destroy the idea of western civilization. We started down that road with the War to End All Wars and the idiot idealism of President and Mrs. Wilson.

UplayOnline said...

Time will tell if the Western Civilization perseveres.