Monday, July 3, 2017


I swam as a child and garnered many a 3rd place ribbon. I sailed when I was older. Sailing offered trophies and medals and not ribbons. I don't know what afflicts this boy but I find it interesting that our president offered to help even after the European Court said no.

There was an argument about Iraq and Afghanistn that we broke it by fighting in it. I think they were pretty broken to begin with. We kind of did that in Europe the second time because the first World War was just a training war. We thought we kind of fixed Europe with NATO. I'm not so sure. The whole, "you broke it and now must pay" is kind of over. I accept that some things are simply not fixable and we are not liable for damages.

What kind of court system denies a family the right to take their child home? I'd sign up to fight it with lethal intent and weapons of mass destruction.

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