Wednesday, July 26, 2017


I got this is in my email and thought there was something good for veterans. Ha!

What made it so egregious is that the subject line was: GOOD NEWS FOR VETERANS.

The awful details are spelled out here. In short, the veterans who spent the last 16 years fighting islamic terrorists, the Taliban and Iraq will all get nothing new unless they were awarded a purple heart medal in which case, there is some benefit for "veterans" but for the vast majority of the forces, nothing changed, nothing new. It does make me wonder if the forces are running into recruiting problems which have forced Congress to act.

I don't see how it is "truly great news for all those who wear the uniform." Those guys in uniform today or who hung them up when they left the service or retired, they don't get anything new or improved or better. They get what they signed up for.

I'm a little snarky on account of I joined up when there was no GI Bill.

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