Wednesday, May 24, 2017


It looks like some of us elected a man to send to Washington to drain the swamp and he is under prepared. Not his fault. We both thought he was dealing with a swamp until he got there and found out it's as deep as an ocean and quite a bit wider.

The information put out on Jerry Pournelle's site in an interesting case in point. It appears that Comey is no different from other democrat apparatchiks and probably even worse than Jamie Gorelick who gives every appearance of being one of the most vile people in our history.

What is it with the swamp denizens in DC that they turn the likes of recently fired DNC Chairwoman Wasserman Schultz into their flag bearers and champions even if they know they are liars and charlatans? And now you don't hear about the lawyers for the DNC case down in Florida telling the court that the DNC is in no way bound by the will of the electorate and the DNC crew of evil men and women can simply 'appoint' their candidate and that's that.

I believe that if I poked around into the backgrounds of every single one of the various appointees in DC, more than 90% of them would prove to be human scum that only float on the swamp known as DC and Wall Street. What can you say about a group that collectively and individually have never been blamed for a single disaster they created whether it be the banking collapse, the housing collapse, the EPA mine disaster? You name the disaster and not ONE SINGLE SCUMBAG in DC was punished or even investigated for wrongdoing. Look at that worthless 'investigation' into Clinton's email thievery and knowingly disclosing classified information on her private server to enemies of the United States. It now appears, finally, that acting on some of that Clinton information, China rounded up all the agents there working for the CIA (US) executed them. How's that for 'no consequences' and 'what does it matter anymore?'

So Trump is no longer laboring under any illusions/delusion about what he's working with. On the gripping hand, they are beginning to get some idea of who they are dealing with and it's looking more like a fair fight, hopefully to the death. One side telling of that is the news filtering out that after thousands of high level leaks from the so-called "intel" community, there has not been one actionable peep out of any of those SCUMBAGS that points to any collusion between Trump's entire campaign staff or him personally conspiring with Russia to interfere in our elections.

Where are all those democrats in congress howling about the interference of the DNC handpicked staff and delegates interfering in the free exercise of democracy by all those chumps that voted for Bernie? The DNC sure as hell conspired against them. Their own hacked records prove it.

And the second thing for Trump; he visited the King of Saudi Arabia and did very well. He visited Jerusalem and did very well. He visited the pope in the Vatican and on this holy ground handed him a first edition copy of the works of some guy named Martin Luther blah blah. How's that for a poke in the eye? Subtle enough that even the clowns on NPR never mentioned it today. That was the bright shining moment of the political day today and they never even noticed.


OldAFSarge said...

I have no idea why I had not linked to Mr. Pournelle's blog before today. That oversight has been corrected.

Absolutely agree with all you had to say. (But that almost goes without saying...)

HMS Defiant said...

The real amusing part is watching and listening to the lefty journolists try to damn that thug/scoundrel wannabe rethuglican in Montana, who is winning handly as of midnight. They did everything they could think of to stop the man short of assassination and failed. Nobody pays any mind to the fake news anymore except the fakers.