Saturday, May 13, 2017


From our good friends at the Wall Street Journal.
The Justice Department moved to find a temporary successor for fired FBI Director James Comey, as Attorney General Jeff Sessions and his top deputy on Wednesday interviewed five candidates amid continuing fallout over the controversial dismissal. 
Some agents at the Federal Bureau of Investigation said in interviews that they were shocked and demoralized, with several saying that while they didn’t agree with all of Mr. Comey’s actions, they respected him and were startled by his firing on Tuesday.
You have to wonder what kind of stupid FBI "investigator" could be shocked, demoralized and startled by Comey finally getting fired. Millions of people have been demanding his head since July of last year. I wonder if these idiots are the ones currently investigating Snowden or just the morons investigating Flynn.

I mean, if this was about me and I worked for the FBI, I'd be truly embarrassed to be so portrayed.


Ron Snyder said...

I wonder what happened to all those FBI agents that were purported to be so shocked, demoralized and startled by the inept, near criminal actions of Comey re Hillary and her emails.

HMS Defiant said...

I think they were both sent to investigate money laundering in Iceland last year and haven't come back to the States yet.