Tuesday, May 9, 2017


While I was out the other day I heard some words on the radio over the roar of my 6 cylinder engine sans muffler. They went something like this:
You know what the trinity of Canada is? I’ll tell it to you in the way I learned it. I had Charles Krauthammer on the show one day.  And I don’t ask him him political questions when he is on. Because everyone knows him from Fox and from his column, how he thinks. So, I like to ask philosophical questions.  He’s a thoughtful man. 
So I said, “Charles, you grew up in Canada. What’s the biggest difference between Canada and the United States?” And to his great credit he had an immediate and terrific answer.  He said, “Well the American Declaration of Independence enshrines life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The motto of Canada is peace, order, and good government.” 
The big difference.  That’s why you go to Canada. That’s what you feel. Peace, order, good government, and nothing is happening. It’s not an exciting place like America’s an exciting place. By the way, it may be great and better to live in an unexciting place. It’s a curse to live in interesting times. It may not be a blessing but it is different. 
No one had our American Trinity. And they are all necessary. The Left has successfully labeled those of us who believe in the “In God We Trust” part as fanatics, as outside of mainstream American history.
It was an interesting tidbit for a Monday drive and then the light turned green and the radio was once again drowned out by the mighty roar as I opened the throttle and roared down the streets of Metroparkcentralis.

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