Tuesday, July 4, 2023


 How else will Congress screw out the money to spend of loafers and toe rags?

Russia was still a viable enemy even after she took the massive hit and decline of the heady days of the Cold War and simply tripped on herself into of, Poland. None of the currant ruling class grew up in a time when the country was not faced with an existential threat and so we needed great saint greta to give us a new unbeatable foe to wage meaningless war against because when you look at the terms, just how the hell do you beat something as nebulous and bogus as climate change?

But the Vietnam War ended so long ago that the USS Ronald Reagan just docked into Vietnam for a port visit and to be honest, 100% of that juggernaut they scared the entire west with is just a paper tiger.

 I would ask how we ended up here but it is pretty clear. All of it was generated by the elites who know way better than you. We don't deserve them. Seriously, don't deserve them. We could put forward a program to land and recover people on Mars if we just burned down Harvard and Yale and trifled with killing all the people who matriculated there.

Can you believe that a country with shit infrastructure just pissed away another trillion dollars on a completely bogus war? You never even got to smell the new money did you?


Anonymous said...

I said it before and I'm happy to repeat myself:
the French, at the end of the Eighteenth Century, knew precisely how to rid themselves of people who were apt to say "Let them eat cake.'

Anonymous said...

but you know the French back then, mostly French. Or almost 100% French stock. We and they are reaching the point where the morons say, "hey@!!!! give us the quan."
I forget the study and they always get the math wrong but there was a study about soldiers in combat that claimed that only about 6% actually fired their weapons and a lot less than that that aimed and fired. When I look at Chicago I'm kind of astonished at how many got shot to death and wounded.