Monday, July 17, 2023


 I am watching some of the videos of Colonel MacGregor discussing the war in Ukraine and it suddenly struck me that this man, a near peer of mine, never ever so much as hinted that the Ukrainians could fill the ranks of the hundreds of thousands of dead Ukrainian soldiers by drafting women, or even putting women into the war zone. Here in America we have been obsessed with proudly pointing out all the things that women do in the armed forces and how they are now 'universal soldiers' allowed to fill any combat role desired including irregular warfare forces and yet not a single one of the psychotics running the war in Ukraine has proposed putting them into uniforms and sending them to the front to engage in trench warfare with the Russians or even shoot at Russian tanks with Javelin missiles.

I'm thinking they must have some reasons to be avoiding even hinting at such a thing. I wonder how our army will do the next time it clashes with a near peer in combat. 

It really is funny though. Not one single peep from any of the usual liberal/progressives in academia, the media, think tanks, politics, policy wonks, etc, about filling the sadly depleted Ukrainian ranks with women. Believe me, when t he State starts drafting 60 year old men and throwing them into combat with little or no training, they are well beyond desperate.

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