Tuesday, July 11, 2023


 I see from perusing Instapundit that his war columnists are parroting the so-called Institute for the Study of War who appear to base 100% of their analysis and coverage of the war in Ukraine based solely on Ukrainian and Russian Press Releases along with entirely unbelievable Western Intelligence sources. You know, those contemptible idiots who assured us that after 20 years of battling the Taliban we had finally crushed them and could return Afghanistan to its own “democratically” elected government which didn’t even survive a day in office while our full blown rout and retreat (mad scramble to get the hell out at any cost) cost our military and intel services every scrap of respect they’d earned in 80 years.

I’m going to read now how Turkey screws over NATO and the EU over Sweden’s entry into a military alliance devoid of militaries, ammunition and meaning and who, in the meantime, allowed millions of muslim youth of strictly military age to enter their countries and demolish a thousand tear old civilization that has turned its back on every single thing that it takes to operate and maintain an industrial civilization. 

The funny thing to me of course, is that the USA did that to them and those stupid idiots persist to this day in believing that the nonexistent and defanged US military is going to be there to pull their asses out of the crack they’ve gotten themselves into. Bad news guys, our president just let the cat out of the bag and revealed that we have fewer artillery rounds then Germany (fewer then 20,000), and that’s only if you believe the beancounters at the Pentagon. You know them, the guys that keep somehow finding billion dollar accounting errors that benefit our very good friend in Ukraine. I don’t actually know anyone there and find that I don’t care any more for them than I care for Iranians, Turks, or Afghanis.


Anonymous said...

I have been having trouble understanding how what I thought were (mostly) great organizations (i.e., IC and DoD) doing needed things turned into ineffective organizations who are not demonstrating the ability to do their basic duties (or worse). Maybe it is because of: ...bad times --> hard men --> good times --> soft men --> bad times... We had good times in the 50's, 60's and into the 70's, and the resulting soft men are in now running (or ruining) the organizations and are responsible for the hard times that I think are upon us. I would be interested to know if in 30-50 years we have good times starting because competence will be forced to return.

Anonymous said...

But, but--we use the right pronouns and stand up against white rage.

Anonymous said...

It’s troubling to me how much a single person can destroy any organization and no, it doesn’t need to be the guy at the top or the ones in charge.