Wednesday, July 5, 2023


 They didn't have to sign in but they did, the ones that mattered. I'm willing to look up just what reasons the 3 morons put into print to try to justify making a man bow down and kiss the foot of the majority. Like blowfiies, they crawled over shit to get to whatever thing they believe passes for law.

I'm kind of hating the new computer and its reluctance to simply do the things I want it to. Been here before and yea, I'll figure it out eventually.


boron said...

Don't quite understand! I'm sure I'll figure it out eventually.
a chronic/constant reader

Anonymous said...

I believe we're looking at heavy sarcasm and a determined operator contesting an ugly machine set on obedience. heh

Anonymous said...

Long time reader but I seem never to be able to follow your references to things ( I assume) that are off site. Perhaps using a different color type to indicate where to click?