Sunday, July 9, 2023


 It’s beginning to look like the end for Ukraine. It’s also becoming more apparent that everyone has been lying nonstop about every aspect of that ongoing and pointless human disaster.

It is beyond sad.


Michael said...

An evil ruler will burn his own country down to rule over the ashes.

Sun Tzu

As the proxy war stumbles just how out of touch with reality are the perfumed princes in our DOD and the District of criminals?

I am concerned the only nation that has used a nuclear weapon on civilians (Hiroshima and Nagasaki) is ruled by people that seem so far out of touch with the real world and "We the People".

Praying for wisdom

elysianfield said...

"I am concerned the only nation that has used a nuclear weapon on civilians..."

Yeah...nukes are bad for children and other living things. Read some history.

Michael said...

And your point is? I read a lot of history.

elysianfield said...

Well, your comment seems to make the use of the weapon a moral, or, more commonly decried, as a racial issue (not your comment specifically). The Emperor, in his speech to the nation, to endure the endurable, cites the weapon specifically as a goad to surrender. I probably would not exist save for the use of that weapon. My father, a decorated combat glider pilot,, was slated for the invasion of the Island. Which nation during WWII fought a moral campaign? Japan, Germany Russia? Who would not have used the weapon if available to them?

If I misread the intent of your post, I apologize.

Michael said...

Ah, understand that viewpoint.

No sorry I was discussing the high probability that our "esteemed Leaders" (need I add sarc here?) will BURN DOWN Our Country with a false flag or FORCE the Russians to nuke us as so THEY can Rule over our ashes.

And as you know America deployed the nuclear weapons to test them on Undamaged and Undefended cities to SEE exactly, they would really do.

Fact the Enola Gay flew Alone aside from a spy plane to get data. No fear of any sort of Japanese Fighter resistance. And no, the Enola Gay was not above the operational altitude of Japanese Fighter craft IF they had any.

Dan said...

Because the current crop of criminals in power have such close ties with Ukraine they can't allow it to fall or evidence of their corruption becomes widely available and publicized. They will do anything...including starting WW III to prevent that. Expect even more escalation by the west to keep this from happening. This ends one way eventually...nuclear war.