Tuesday, April 11, 2023


 Over the decades I've wondered if the Powers that Be let the Walkers do their spy thing deliberately.One of the things that access to KW7 gave the Soviets was real time intel into what our military was up to in the Cold War. It sounds odd but the Soviets would struggle to produce a ballistic missile submarine on patrol in the north pacific and we did it routinely. By merely letting them read the Navy's message traffic they could see that they were a 1960's power  with pretensions of grandeur.

Just a thought.


Roy said...

You might be right. I hope so anyway.
I am convinced that the entire reason for the USS Pueblo incident was so the Soviets could get their hands on the crypto gear in her CT shack. They already had the codes they got from the Walkers, all they needed was the hardware. Makes sense to me.
If it was up to me, the Walkers and Whitworth would have gotten the death penalty.

Roy said...

PS: I made Northern Pacific patrols on a boomer back in the mid seventies. I can't speak for the Soviets, but you are right, we made routine patrols back then even with older, 1950's technology.

HMS Defiant said...

Every now and then I think of the truly smart men that drove strategy in WWII. Those guys would have played the actual Soviets six ways to Sunday and stopped for meals on the way.
We lost focus on producing truly smart men about 50 years ago. Now the alleged smart ones go to making money in every con they can produce. The ones that will serve their country even for a little bit are gone.

None of them at all go into government service. I knew admiral kirby back when he still wore the uniform and I cannot believe anything he says. As he has m ore and more trouble saying it I sense that he is losing it too.

We are down to Troy Bruno and Elon Musk. We used to have tens of thousands of engineers and now we have almost nothing.

SCOTTtheBADGER said...

Schools produce the indoctrinated, not the educated. Journalism Schools are almost entirely made up of students in the bottom quintile. We cannot expect much, when the news is brought to the indoctrinated, by the dimmest.

Anonymous said...

just watched a video of elon with a bbc jerk/idiot/moron. It was wonderful.

Anonymous said...

this is me too lazy to put name in but what you said was driven home when I read that the news readers, pronouncers, editors and such are all graduates of the same tiny little schools and they marry each other and breed up new ones of themselves who are convinced that they are the elite and the well informed.

Anonymous said...

Steven Coonts wrote The Minotaur in 1989 on that very premise. In the novel a mole high up in the Pentagon is leaking information to the Soviets not for personal gain but to convince them they cannot win because they will always be behind in technology.