Sunday, April 2, 2023


From the report of the frequent deniers


 One of the things one initially takes for granted in the Navy is that one can sleep sound at night in one's bunk well under the waterline because the blokes who are driving the ship are competent, alert, attentive and not fucking off as Officer of the Deck, Junior Officer of the Deck, Combat Information System Officer and those who report to them are likewise doing the very basics of their jobs and tracking all the other ships, keeping us off the reefs and otherwise behaving like mature grown up adults who know that 400 people sleep safe despite them being asleep at sea.

I'll be honest, first ship, I slept safe and sound and knew it as I did on second ship but not so much on 3rd ship after a passage from Tacoma to the Strait of Juan de Fuca after midnight and I slept most soundly on 4th ship because I anchored the sucker and it wasn't going to move again until I got up and moved it. There's all kinds of restful, if brief sleep in the last.

I made Officer of the Deck on first ship. The only scary thing on second ship was that all the powers that be thought it was perfectly safe for us to reposition in the fog so thick we could not see the forward gun mount from the bridge north of the Aleutians due to the fog, at 32 knots for 200 miles so we could just drop seamlessly into a SONAR environment a Red ballistic missile submarine might be inhabiting and then pretend we weren't there at all. Nope, just a Spruance Class Rainstorm over here a good 2 convergence zones away......nope, nothing to see over hear(sp)  as the underwater sonic booms slowly fade away.

If you haven't read the report, it is here. 

I used to have some regard for McMaster but the shininess faded as he twisted to be NSC. 



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