Monday, April 10, 2023


 I have the worst sound in the world going on outside. I literally cannot stand the sound of motherfuckinggoddamned leafblowers.

Fortunately, I can crank the music without objection.

Back in school I had a friend and former roommate who was dealing with downstairs neighbors that liked to crank the sound. No  party, they just liked to play their music really loud. My friend with the thousand dollar stereo system would push over his 8 foot tall speakers so they lay on the floor acoustic side down and crank Steely Dan. We used to go flying together. The speakers would actually lift off the floor by nothing but the woofers. Then we learned to fly.

In my last place in San Diego I no longer had a stereo and the leaf blowers would start at 0600. Headphones worked well enough. It's odd, I had a full house of a retired captain in storage and I never went to get the stereo. I ended up giving it away without looking back.

I have stuff but I only treasure one thing. I could go on forever if she stayed by my side.

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