Wednesday, September 7, 2022


 The feds ran amok at Mar a Lago to haul out the former Presidents stuff. I was having a conversation wtih a retired flag officer and it called to mind the other ones that I knew well. After the 3rd Fleet commander retired he kept on coming back to  the headquarters there on Point Loma and going into the office they kept for him for a number of months, He was my old XO and one of the best officers I ever knew. i learned that like my father, he kept coming in to the office and was simply going through his files. Almost all of them were classified, some were SCI compartmented information and it took the only man allowed to read the file to shred it or return it. My dad spent months after retired from his final job going through the filing cabinets in his basement office and shredding all the ones that were proprietary. VADM Costello was essentially doing the same thing for months after he retired.

That President Trump took documents out of the office that needed to be destroyed, I don't question. At that point each needed to be examined by the holder and either refiled or destroyed. Anybody with even a grain of sense knows how that works and that it takes time.

I know, I can hear the twit saying, "well they weren't his files and he should have left them" and yet the answer is pretty basic. "They were his files."

I just want to say that the same thing does not apply to the Secretary of State. The top secret stuff she had off the nsanet was never hers, didn't belong to her and should not have been in her house. Presidents, for all that they always appear to have  a clean desk have to actually SIGN document for them to take effect.


Dave said...

I question if any of the files should be destroyed. Numerous times, Trump told the public that he ordered documents to be declassified. He was the originator and as the President, had full authority to declassify.

When I left active duty, I left my TS/COSMICATOMAL/SCI/XXX documents in my folder in the safe. I retained my Memos For Record which showed how decrepit various officers and others were. They were my records and if published would bring great dishonor to the military and to the chumps in charge.

That being said, not one individual even sneezed when Vindman immediately released SECRET/ORCON/NOFORN to his Ukrainian counterparts. Again, there is a huge difference between an individual's authority and the of the President.

Dan said...

Anyone with the IQ of a soap bubble knows that this "raid" was politically motivated and had zero legal basis. Just like they know Pedo Joe was NOT elected but a toilet....via blatant electoral fraud. Doesn't matter. The left is now IN CONTROL and have no intentions of ever relinquishing that control....ever. The will do whatever is required to stay in power. And since they OWN every mechanism tasked with holding them accountable they can only be removed by "we the people" it won't be a peaceful removal.