Sunday, September 25, 2022


 Some police officers stopped a young woman and put her in a car they left parked on the railroad tracks.  If there was justice , all three of the police involved would have their hands cuffed behind their back and be placed in another police car from that jurisdiction of Hell and have another train hit them at the same speed while they experienced the terror of knowing that they were going to die, torn to pieces and scattered over a couple of acres.

Putting the one cop on Admin leave while "investigating" a  clear and obvious attempted murder under color of authority is rich. What really sucks about what is called law enforcement in this country is that even if these murderers are sacked, they can still walk into another jurisdiction as sworn officers and be hired as cops again, in your town, in my town.

They deserve to spend 10-23 years in jail at a minimum. They all did it. They all left a young woman they locked in a car on the tracks to die and made no effort to save her.

She survived and all her lawyer has to do now is go to court, show the video and lay claim to the entire town and county as reparations for an evil and horrific crime at the hands of the sworn officers of the law.


Dan said...

Don't attribute to malice anything that can be explained by stupidity/incompetence. I doubt they intended for her to get
hit. They are simply low IQ nitwits. Law enforcement will NOT
hire high IQ people and in fact a lawsuit was filed some years ago
where someone sued an agency for not hiring saying he was TOO smart to be a cop. And his lawsuit failed. The court agreed with the cops that they could give preferential treatment to idiots in job selection. We are seeing on a regular basis the results of that

FeralFerret said...

Only a complete idiot would stop their car on a railroad track in the first place. Being a police officer makes such incompetence even worse.

SCOTTtheBADGER said...

Not in Wisconsin,they couldn't.