Saturday, June 25, 2022


I went away to be at my parent's 65th wedding anniversary. A very good time was had by all. I don't recall much of anything at all happening of great note while I was actually on the road but it sure seems exciting now doesn't it? A little known Constitutional Amendment in the Bill of Rights was called back to the fore by the Supreme Court much to the dismay of liberals everywhere. In the meantime, my State's law that states that any person of age and legal standing may carry a concealed weapon without a license went into effect this week which means just about anybody will now be able to use a public restroom with an excellent chance of finding a very nice pistol left behind by the previous occupant. Oh, sure you laugh, as if. On the other hand it has happened more than once in the Congress and it happened all the time in the little restroom next to the front gate at NOLF Imperial Beach back when I was working on that installation. I plan to keep my eyes open. People unacustomed to carrying a weapon have no idea what a literal pain in the ass it is. And, "finders keepers" is how I plan to play that one out.

I looked to see what the riots were like tonight but it seems there is nowhere near the depth of support for killing babies as most people thought there was. Right now it looks like another damp squib. Do I think some nutjob will try to kill a Justice in 'retaliation'? Absolutely. It's interesting how Joe Biden came out and described abortion as a CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT but seems as ignorant as ever he was about anything and everything. People wondered that the Court didn't release both decisions yesterday but I see into the matrix now. The 2nd Amendment faded entirely away as the media shifted targets to embrace abortion 24/7. It's like all their prepared arguments about how the blood would be running in the streets now that New Yorkers who aren't criminals have a RIGHT to carry a weapon for self defense.

I'll be interested to see what tomorrow brings. For me it will be the Highland Games!

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