Friday, June 3, 2022


I'll do it again every night. I forgot how much I enjoyed it. I went walking every night at the top of Grape Street, down to the harbor front and out to Tom Hamms. A restaurant I never once dined at on Harbor Island, That was about a five mile round trip. When I moved to Solana Beach I walked just about every day down the beach to Del Mar and then up and back again. I stopped when I got married but that was probably due to the terrain. Let's be honest. Hills suck. OTGH, I walked a lot in Korea and I was there a lot. I usually got there for the two weeks the Cherry Trees blossomed in Chinhae. They made walking a delight. Yes there were the trees but then there were the delightful girls out admiring them. I think Korea is still surging in population. I used to go to the City to simply sit and have coffee and watch the girls walk by. Yes, it was Union Square and the Francis Drake but my they were restful to a bachelor eye.

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