Wednesday, June 8, 2022


Just why have we never seen the list of big names that went to Epstein's island to have sex with little girls? A government could release the list into the media who would promptly have buried it but a private citizen could expect to be sued into oblivion by the billionaiers and millionaires who own the media. Nevertheless, Elon Musk makes an excellent point.. Where is the list of names of men who flew to Expsteins island and had sex with minors? Another question could be why have the minors not named names? I think dying might be at the top of list for reasons why not. You really don't want the Clintons mad at you.

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  1. an interesting point you make here, one I had not considered. surely, one doesn't suspect the cabal would slaughter the children for the reason of hiding their perversions, now would they? ..........oh. my mistake, beg pardon.