Wednesday, March 24, 2021


Biden reportedly tweeted:

It doesn't take a very smart man to figure out that putting criminals who commit crimes of violence in jail for a couple of decades does wonders to ensafen people (new word, freshly made up for the progs) and another way to ensure people's safety would be to arm them. That is, after all, the argument used to sell the idea that we should arm the police. It made them safer. Some would say it did so to our considerable detriment because they're lousy shots, don't know how to hold on to their weapons and have poor impulse control when it comes to shooting other people's dogs, children, sick people, innocent bystanders, etc.

Of course we all know that the only thing to be done is to make carrying any weapon a crime and that's just what the democrats and progs will do while they ignore antifa, urban massacres and things like that that don't fit the narrative.

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