Wednesday, March 3, 2021


I watched some of the bbc in America news last night and I saw them bemoan their unjust fate as Europe seems headed into yet another lockdown and total destruction of what used to be basic human rights. You know them, the freedom to go outside, the freedom to eat at a restaurant, the freedom to criticize the insanity of government bureaucrats and politicians who simply refuse to accept that what we have from now until the ending of the world is a pernicious new flu that will carry off the elderly and morbidly obese before 'their time' which is paradoxically just exactly what the flu has been doing for centuries without every Karen on the planet freaking out over it because it not only comes every single fuckin year, it comes in wonderful new and more or less deadly flavors just like every other fuckin virus.

At what point are the Karen's going to accept this and stop raving about deaths or 'preventable' deaths while at the same time completely ignoring black on black murder rates that are stunning beyond belief in the cities in the Americas where it is patently obvious to brain dead chipmunks that absolutely nobody care about black lives. They don't care if they get educated, get smart, go to school or live. They seem to exist to make up the news at eleven where they are featured as endless gunshot victims, victims of poor decision-making and absent even a sip of the tiniest drop of the milk of human kindness as they gun down everyone who crosses them or interferes with their plans.

I'm reaching the point where about the only thing that may work to get the needle to skip out of these stupid grooves on this album are a major asteroid hitting the earth. It's at times like this I'm glad I no longer live on the coast since an ocean strike seems most likely and it will create some novel tidal waves that will just roll over islands like Hawaii and of course inundate the coasts from the beaches to the Sierra Mountains in the west and at least the Appalachian mountains in the east. It's at times like this I feel relatively sanguine that Washington, DC is built on a flood plain and one can literally sail up the Chesapeake and up the Potomac without a single lock along the way. It's a natural tidal bore.

I think this is the first time I've ever written these words but I could be mistaken. It's time to write your congresscritter and tell them to go back to work and forget about all the BS and reopen our devastated economy and start trading with the rest of the world again. Oh, and tell them to send the Marines to go shoot antifa wherever they are and run over highway demonstrators with tracked vehicles. I'd do it myself but my congresscritter just became some sort of bureaucrat in Biden's cabinet of fools, thieves and scum too stupid to figure out what sex they are. Don't you wonder how they are going to help solve any problems if they can't cope with reality?

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