Friday, October 2, 2020



Stretch said...

His "Green Fields of France" will rip your heart out.
His "Christmas in the Trenches" will stomp on your heart.
And if you're still not totally trashed try Kilkelly, Ireland.
Here's one version:

Yeah, we Irish a sad lot.

HMS Defiant said...

I will listen to all just as I finished just now listening to Judith Durham.

I only fought in the little wars though the bigger wars captured a senior captain near the end and I had to tell my father that I saw absolutely no reason to get over there as a senior Navy Captain fighting ashore. In my 30 years in it always seemed we had roughly 70000000000 more staff on hand to tell us we did it wrong and go back and do it again, better but then I was a LT fighting a 30 year old ship to the best of our ability. Way back at the end of the 80's we did well enough and the ones that failed the test were on the FFGs that got seriously pilled by both the iraqis and iranis. We? We just did our job day after day at 3-6 knots. I used to speed up when I knew the CO wasn't looking. I don't know why. We still left the mine danger areas at dusk and anchored about a mile away.

Watching the Seekers tonight et al. blog post

Borepatch said...

Great song, as is Green Fields of France