Monday, October 19, 2020


I can see the signal is getting out and even those who expose themselves to the news and Washington Week in Review and PBS Newshour are starting to see pretty clearly that it's going to be a landslide. I hope so. I'm kind of looking forward to places like D.C. and Philadelphia actually having over 100,000 more ballots voted than there are people in the cities. I keep hearing there is no vote fraud but I really don't believe that whole districts in Philly voted 100% for Hillary last time because I know people and there is about one contrarian stubborn SOB/hundred that just votes to piss other people off. Oddly, none of them live in Philly or there was some real voter suppression going on. Pity about the Supreme Court and that jackass Roberts deciding today that PA must count all ballots received up to 3 days after the election even without al postmark. No chance of ballot box stuffing there guys. Oh well, a couple of weeks and we'll see if the real facists burn down the country.

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