Wednesday, October 28, 2020


In France last week a school teacher was killed by one of France's imported islamic terrorists who abound there now in what used to be a rather pleasant and easy going republic of French. It is now teeming with muslim fanatics hell bent on destroying France and most of the rest of western Europe which stupidly admitted them by the million from the war torn fanatic infested battleground failed states in the middle east and north Africa. He was killed because he grew up in the old Republic where the European Rights of Man included tolerance and a certain amount of free thought and speech. He failed to recognize that that Republic has joined all the other French Republics on the ash heap of history.

The other pointless unreasoning death was yet another black crazy person; this time in Philadelphia where two cops tried to get away from a crazy lunatic who would neither drop the knife nor stop charging at them as they attempted to open the distance between them. One of the cops opened fire and a fraction of a second later so did the other cop. Between them they loaded the lunatic black man up with 10 bullets.

I don't think they really needed to shoot that man 10 times. According to unreliable local sources the lunatic wasn't right in the head and perhaps 2 or 3 bullets would have been enough to say, slow the fucker down enough that the cops could retreat a little bit and let him fall over, bleed out and drop the knife and then they could have rendered a little first aid. They decided to give him a serious dose of lead poisening and get it all over with. As a result 30 cops were then injured and 12 are still in hospital with serious injuries from the rioting and looting prone response typical from our vibrant communities of color (COC). This will go on from now until the election and tear up more COC which won't matter as the election will bring out all the worst instincts of a group that seems to allow themselves to only yield to and suffer from their worst impulses.

So we now have yet another thoroughly justified police homicide of another black man with a knife and the response is the same every time. I think it is time to engage with an endless bombardment of these youths with some long overdue civic lessons. People here don't engage in any kind of racism by and large but they do stereotype and use the actions of the few to justify a certain wariness of the rest and when it has become clear that any justifiable homicide results in riots and looting and killing then the rest of us tend to increase the size of the pool we stereotype and when we hear from the 'educated' ones who spend their lives attacking the police and working to get the justice system and the schools to treat every interaction with the authorities as nothing but racism, we need to start thinking outside the box.

I'll say one thing. The answer is no longer to pretend that they are just like us. It is quite clear that too many of them are nothing at all like you and me. We don't know what turns some muslims into mindless mass murdering killing machines but we suspect it is the religion and its teachings and the shrill voices of the fanatics that run the mosques that creates these 'martyrs'. It's exactly the same kind of thing going on in the POC COC where the fanatics seem to make the rules and force everyone to abide by them if they want to remain POC and live in COC and not be attacked for being too white, too western, too civilized.

The madness is spreading. To read the delusional anti-Western screeds of crazy people on the left who are now talking about arresting all Trump officials after the election and sending them to re-education camps and who dox every single republican who contributes to a republican candidate and who thinks that Trump is more evil than Stalin or their favorite, Hitler, is to see that more and more people have become unhinged and are completely lost to reason.

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boron said...

Let's face it: reasonable people are too afraid to open their mouths, let alone even think about what must be done. When they do so, they are doxxed/stalked/shamed and everyone else in the community is afraid to lift a hand to help defend them.
And when people finally take action to defend their communities, aggressive, anti-American DAs put these people at risk of their lives and liberty and again, the community they defended will not lift a hand to help.
The water has reached a temperature greater than 200°F: if you look, you can just see it seething at the bottom of the pot, and the agitators are actively turning up the heat.
G-d help us all!