Saturday, October 24, 2020


We were notified that we were up for an upgrade to fiber-optic cabling to the internets so we had it done a couple of days ago. It took a little longer than expected to upgrade what with running a new cable to the house from the back of the house and then installing the new cable through the basement and then thru the floor into the dining room where it finally mated up with a modem roughly twice the size of the old one and voila, the network was down and the installer took a lunch break while waiting for the systems to come back online which, in the event, would take a couple of hours. Finally, he announced the job was done told me we had the same system ID and login and left. Needless to say, it did not have the same ID or password so a call to India was in order.

So now we have a new system and it punted the old system like a football into the stands as it wiped clean my google latches throughout every aspect of this blog. It is going to take a while to restore certain things invisible to you gentle reader but a meaningful eyefull to me since I don't necessarily blog anonymously since I used to have my google address for this blog write there whenever I replied at other folks blogs. That has left the building.

I have been a little tired of late and I tend to blog after deep thought and late at night/early in the morning. Going to bed before 2200 is putting a crimp in blogging around here by me. I'll get there soon.

I see that some cities/areas are already casting more ballots for the idiot then there are people living in those areas. No surprise just as it isn't a surprise that the media turns amazingly myopic when it comes to ballot fraud and election fraud and routinely claim it either never happens or only happens in very few and very small amounts. I just remember the last election when whole precincts in Philadelphia reported 100% votes for Clinton wihtout a single contrary vote and it is just not possible in America that there are preciincts without surly contrarians who vote against the public weal.

I'm actually looking forward to the next 60 Minutes from CBS. I'm curious to see how they try to goon it after President Trump went ahead and broadcast the entire interview.


Tsquared said...

I was upgraded from a 4-wire to fiber earlier this year as my ISP dropped 4-wire support. My bill dropped by almost a third and it worked fine until a modem update dropped my landline 2 months later on a Friday evening. I called the same idiot in India. I told him the steps I had taken and he had me do them again. He then told me he was going to push a modem reset. He did not reset, he restored to factory defaults erasing all of the settings the tech had set up in the modem two months earlier. India guy and his manager could no longer get into my modem as they had the previous router configs with IP and passwords. They set up a service call for the tech to come back out as I had lost broadband, TV, internet, and never got phone back. I used the address and password on the case where I got incoming broadband and limited TV back up. I could wireless connect with my laptop but I did not have internet access.

It was Saturday mid-morning and I got a cell phone text from the Tech to give him a call as he had seen the service ticket for Monday afternoon. I gave him the box IP address and password. He was able to restore all the configs remotely except for the box IP and password. He also gave me the direct line to the regional service center so I will never have to call India again. BTW: I made a copy of the configs after I disabled the 5G.

HMS Defiant said...

I'm still bumbling along using html to write the blog and wish I could do what Old AF Sarge tried to tell me how to do and set it back to the old format but everything I've tried there has failed to restore it to the old default way of blogging. I dislike using html simply because I have to look at the keyboard and one finger it because I never use those pieces of grammar on on the low right side of the keyboard and never have. Once you learn to type in the dark it's hard to go back to hunt and peck and that is what html is to me. I'll figure it out because youtube but maybe tomorrow, not today.