Thursday, November 14, 2019


If one thinks about it, some people who are die-hard democrats must surely feel some sense of shame and embarrassment that they support exactly what is happening in places like California. They support every single shingle of the Cali democrat and yet they can see what this has led to for the vast majority of people living in the state with almost one third of its people in poverty, a third nearing it and just 5% of so living robustly on the coast while making the rest of California a third world country. Of course, that 5% is watching the cities turn into the typical third world sewer of a place but they don't care because Californiastan is also home to the gated community and none of the 5% most involved in wrecking California live in the actual cities.

I used to live there in various places. I remember San Diego started to go a little bit crazy shortly after Orange County arranged to bankrupt itself and before they tossed Randy "Duke" Cunningham, my Congressman, in jail for living on a boat in DC. He was 'corrupt' or 'taking a bribe', not like Nancy Pelosi who steered billions of $ to her husband's business, or was that Diane Feinstein. Macht nich.

I also lived in the Bay Area and dated a girl who lived in the city. I can't imagine the awful feeling it must be to have to park one's car 10 blocks from home in Pacific Heights because there is no parking closer at 2200 at night when you get there. I had the good fortune to date a girl living across the street from a hospital, a cheapo hospital, that had a parking garage right across the street. I could pull in and park anytime after 2200 and the barriers were up (no attendant) and leave before 0600 when the bars were still up and no attendant. I had to be in San Jose NLT 0700 so I was up early.

I just wonder sometimes how any democrat who votes that way doesn't see that what they're voting for in the short term is 3rd world conditions, increased immigration from economic migrants which slams the working poor who are citizens who never get a pay raise because there are always migrants willing to work for little money, hired by people who don't have to worry about paying their social security, FICA, etc taxes. These are some of our topnotch legal citizens. How many female supreme court nominees got their nominations pulled because they hired nannies and didn't pay the required taxes? A couple, maybe as many as a bunch.

What the Democratic Party shower of sh#t  candidates reveal is that they are hard over to create here in America, all of it, the same kind of hellhole created by Castro, Chavez, Maduro, Mexico, They know it to be true and they don't appear to care. None of them seem to have any real feeling for their fellow citizens.

These are the kind of people that turned AIDS into an epidemic. They are the ones that gave us all the crazy mad lunatics that now own our streets and beat people and kill with impunity because nobody can lock them up in the name of safety for the rest of society. They're also the kind of people that think that Trump must be guilty of some crime and look under every rock while at the same time dismissing and ignoring the real, no shit crimes of Hillary and Biden and most of the rest of the nomenklatura running the Deep State.

They effortlessly gut institutions in the name of social justice and having trashed it, move on to kill another institution that maintains the old ways and the old morality and they do it because they just know they're better than those guys. It is always profoundly weird that they don't know who led the Civil Right campaign and passed the Civil Rights legislation and who actually maintained the rights of man.

Admittedly, "Je Maintiendrai" is the motto of the House of Orange. I daresay most democrats would geld and strangle themselves before letting such a motto pass their lips given their contempt for the President they call Orangeman. I will maintain.


SCOTTtheBADGER said...

Nothing is more important, than their acquiring, and retaining power. What happened to us, is unimportant, as we are unimportant. We should just do what our betters tell us.

I just heard Nancy Pelosi on the Mark Levin Show. She sounds senile.

HMS Defiant said...

She has been sounding that way for the last 2 or 3 years. She's crafty though and I expect her to gut the quad when they least expect it.