Thursday, November 14, 2019


...... Now if you look at the Department of State's regulations, conversations between American officials and foreign heads of state are automatically classified CONFIDENTIAL and NOFORN. 
You normally — at least if you're not Hillary or one of her minions — store classified information on classified servers. Even confidential. (This one hasn't been as exciting since it became clear the Obama administration was using the same server for the same stuff.) 
Some people want to argue that this shouldn't be classified, but they miss a couple of points: first of all, classification is another one of those Article II powers of the president (see Executive Order 13526). If he says it's classified, it's classified. The second is that the White House was concerned about stuff being leaked and warned Vindman explicitly about talking about it. 
So why is it surprising that material is being stored on a classified server? Why the hell was it ever stored on anything BUT a classified server? 
The point here is that all of these things would, in the normal course of events, be security violations punishable by everything from actually losing a job to extended terms in Kansas making small rocks. 
Why was this not the normal course of events?
I'd really like someone in Congress to ask those questions.
There are an awful lot of people who need to be in jail for decades for what they've done in the name of social justice and hate. We can't tolerate their ilk in the State Department, Justice Department or CIA/NSA/DIA. They're tolerable in places like the DOE only to the extent that we need to defund them of $59 billion/year. After all, they really only hurt minorities now don't they? I think so. We need to get rid of them too but they are secondary to securing our national security. Plus? the gulag large enough for all of those killers hasn't been seen on earth since, oh, wait, the Chinese depopulated the Uighurs and the Soviets deported the Balts out of Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania.

Honestly, the only hate crimes I see these days are democrats lashing out at orangeman and the fake hate crimes created by minorities who deeply wish they were hate-crimed against since it would explain so much failure. They are forced to hate-criming themselves which speaks ill of the entire idea of so called hate crimes.


SCOTTtheBADGER said...

It doesn't help the Democrat's cause that Col. Vindm as n looks like an evil Bunsen Honeydew.

HMS Defiant said...

I had to be reminded of who that was. Beeker's boss!

Anne Bonney said...

I appreciate the new term, "hate-criming."

SCOTTtheBADGER said...

That's the fellow!

capt fast said...

after today's ripping fun display of dems denying due process for all representatives, I have to wonder when stinkeye boy will trot out a Ballsy-Ford type with flowing tears. this should end within the year as the networks have lost so much revenue with their ongoing coverage.

Tuesday the 19th should be...interesting. My interest in the IG reports concerns just how much of it is redacted. not interested unless the reports are accompanied by some high level perp walks. For my part, I would not redact any of it and let the chips fall where they may. If someone in government is embarrassed by what they did, or afraid to admit what they did was illegal, tough. A little transparency(which started with POTUS releasing the minutes of the conversation with Ukraine et. al.) would go a long way to engender public trust in the USDOJ. I do not believe the US Congress shall ever have more than fifty percent of the public trusting their representatives, if at all.

Imagine the country being directly attacked by an identified armed foreign entity with their boots on the ground and the POTUS going before the Congress asking for a formal declaration of war. Does anyone believe this congress would vote on it?

bart simpsonson said...

Capt Fast: The venal members of Congress (535 of them anyway) do not care if they are trusted by the public. They only care about re-election to the greatest money-making opportunity there has ever been.

HMS Defiant said...

I'm still looking forward to it.

HMS Defiant said...

Weird how they all retire as millionaires...