Wednesday, May 15, 2019


A Full Presidential Pardon

I just read this by Conrad Black and found yet another good reason to like the President. Personally, I also find it somewhat amazing that I referred to Conrad Black just 2 or 3 days ago in this blog. I rarely do that. Perhaps I have some in with the President.......

Naaaaah, only kidding..... We're just golfing buddies.


capt fast said...

wouldn't it be interesting if one could sue a judge for malfeasance or just for being a fucktard?

HMS Defiant said...

I kind of wonder when it will get so bad with them that XODJJ SDIWL CLWV7 KCVOU CKWOK VWHCC. I mean, you know, continuing to frustrate the will of the people even though you know your idiotic and thoroughly stupid opinion with no basis in law will inevitably be overturned by the already hardworking circuit courts and supreme court must involve some accountability.