Saturday, April 28, 2018


England is a foreign place. It's not a place I'd want to be.

There's another story of a family screwed by England's courts.

What I don't get is why the mom or dad doesn't just go in the room, pick up their infant and leave.

And to be honest, you got the chunnel and passport control is just a joke they use to let terrorists in and give expensive houses to. Only an English court would turn taking your child and walking away into a civil case.

Srsly, these are the people that brought us, "oh! Look! A rabbit!!!"


Larry said...

Mostly it was because Alfie was under police guard to make sure that didn't happen. They couldn't let the [strike]parents[/strike] peasants take him home since there was a risk they wouldn't kill him fast enough. Nor could they let him be taken to Italy because just traveling was a risk to his health. He must be killed quickly, after all. Personally, I'd have tried to take him, especially once he proved he didn't need the ventilator to breathe, let them arrest me, and then make an even bigger stink. Let them send me to jail. I would practically insist upon it. The Fabian Socialists have very nearly entirely taken Britain over, but without struggling publicly against it, you're surrendering. Alternatively, emigrate as publicly as possible and announce why as often as possible, enumerating all the abuses of power. Sadly, I doubt the parents even oppose the NHS except in this sort of special case. :(

HMS Defiant said...

I think I'd have preferred to be knocked unconcious by the so called guards as I walked out with him. My 14 year old daughter I'm not so sure about. She's mo debinitely on her own.