Friday, April 27, 2018


Just because. Better with headphones.

It's a PIRAZ kind of a day. I can live with that. It too brings back the memory of putting a dent in USS Wainwright. Hey, I was just standing there when that happened.


John in Philly said...

I had nothing to do with my can's shoulder rub with the oiler. I was standing in Main Engine Control and there was a flurry of speed changes, then a large jolt, then the collision alarm.
Efforts to remember the name of of the oiler have not yet been successful.

HMS Defiant said...

Mine was the Wabash or Some Sort of northwest oiler name. We only left a dent in Wainwright. It was a little dent. It would buff out.

I remember doing 6 unreps in a day for MIDEASTFOR ships. Oddly enough, not one of us or none of us were 'certified' by anybody. We just did it. All the time.

Certification was always a joke to me for some reason.