Monday, April 9, 2018


As I read more about how Facebook, Twitter, Google/YouTube behave it strikes me more and more that they are the worst combination of Joseph Goebbels and the worlds created by George Orwell. The leaders and followers in the organizations named above all follow the same drumbeat and it is the drumbeat Orwell described in both Animal Farm and in 1984. They are Big Brother and it becomes more and more obvious every day. If they decide that they don't like your message? They make it vanish like it never was. If they don't like you because of your politics or views? They make you vanish like you never were.

These weasel fellows have been practicing what they perceive to be the height of civilized behavior by doing the same thing on campus. If they don't like what you wrote and published they hound the publishers and editors no less thoroughly than the SS hounded those they hated and despised. They don't like the messenger? They refuse to let him/her speak the message aloud in ANY venue.

I think it's passed time to break these things up and/or to put an external board of control in charge to end this charade and long fall into the shards of a glittering sharp night.

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