Thursday, March 9, 2017


They aren't evil, they're just stocked that way.

B&N is the only store of new books in the tri-state area. They eliminated every single "new" book shelf and opted to stick the new in with the old so you could look at ALL of the books you don't want to buy on your search for the new books you were interested in. Clever marketing scam. It lost me as a customer. I prefer Amazon where I can find what I'm looking for without the hunt and peck of the seagull browser.

Loganberry is far and away the nearest bookstore. I walk there and across the street for a haircut in the same little shop frequented by the author of Calvin and Hobbes. It's my neighborhood. It's home to my local and it still strikes the chord that resonates with me....for maybe just a little while. It is, after all, Cleveland, and what cities can destroy by neglect they can devastate by attention. Harriet and Strong-in-the-Arm are good people. Sadly, I visit shops like this in search of Gallery, Gallico, Woodhouse, Landsborrough, et al. Making things harder than they have to be was the motto a friend of mine came up with to describe Group ONE a long time ago. Heather had a way with words. We sent the Chop that replaced her to the brig.

Needs coffee dammit!


Anne Bonney said...

Good bookstore! I am looking forward to the Edible Books contest.

bart simpsonson said...

I love B&N. I never buy anything there. OK, cepn a cup o starbux now and again. I just sit in they chairs and read they magazines. Like a liberry. Nome sain?