Wednesday, March 1, 2017


Some of the softer minded people running amok on the streets of our major centers of poverty, crime and despair, are unmindful of the fact that anything at all can be weaponized. They react with shock and horror when they learn that the really smart people have been playing them as dupes and pawns since the beginning of time. They used to be called fellow travelers and useful idiots but both sides weaponized the media long before the dupes woke up and started heading down the path leading to enlightenment. Most of them are still lost in the wilderness since the road to sanity is, for some, a long and arduous road.

I got a kick out of this article at zerohedge. It describes the declassified papers generated by the father of lies itself (CIA) that used the American press and some of its more feeble minded reporters as dupes in the propaganda war against the USSR and communism. It was only last night that I was looking at the backgrounds and accomplishments of the dupes that won distinction by earning the Lenin Peace Prize. I suppose this country hands out the Presidential Medal of Freedom for its major dupes.

If Diogenes set out in search of an honest press over 2000 years ago, he'd still be searching for one to this day.

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