Wednesday, March 8, 2017


I wonder if the hordes of media elite and Hollywood actors and actresses and producers and directors would like it if one and all were free to simply use their social security numbers and claim their social security benefits. I don't see why someone releasing those names and numbers to the illegal alien community and inviting them to simply assert their national right to steal other people's identities and share the fruits of their labors would cause any problems in New York, Hollywood or Washington DC.

More on Obama's obviously fake social security number. He never lived in Connecticut and that is that. There really is no profound and acceptable answer to why Obama's SSN starts with the Connecticut prefix '042'. OTOH, there is me and my siblings. All of us have consecutive SSNs from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and none of us were born in that Commonwealth. We got parked there for a time during the War in Vietnam and one of the things my father finished that he had begun when we lived in New York and while were in living in Oklahoma was getting us all documented and claimable for tax purposes. I don't believe there were any tax breaks for our soldiers who fought in Vietnam during any tax year back then, unlike our later breaks for the Gulf Wars.

I think it would be meet if every illegal used Barbra's SSN and Sean Penn's. It's not like they deserve social security and as self absorbed as they are, they'll never even notice...or care if they did.*

Whenever I think of people digging down to the truth and getting to the nitty gritty of reality I am struck by all the things that NOBODY knows about Obama and now.....Now his nemesis, the man who he is goading every single day with his attacks, controls every single agency that maintained utter stillness and quiet while Obama adorned the throne of state. I wonder how that feels? I don't honestly think the lightworker cares what comes up because the Lena Dunhams of his party don't/won't care or understand. Barring that, they just deny it as they deny everything that is real but fails to make it through their laser† like focus on truth.

*It would make it so much easier for the rest of us to find them, round them up and in the darkness deport them. There, I kind of sound like the One Ring
† Lasers are interesting. They admit only collimated light. All the rest of the light is ignored and unseen. Democrats are very focused these days. Collimated.

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