Monday, March 6, 2017


Read at the American Thinker. It's a devastating verbal broadside. I caught the media acting all startled and outraged at the idea that the American president who kills Americans abroad with American drone strikes would ever even contemplate the idea of using national intelligence agencies to spy on his most hated enemy. It was funny for about .002 seconds and then I turned the channel.

These criminals need to go to jail and be fined millions of dollars. If they could find Libby guilty of a non-crime, they can certainly find the guilty people committing actual crimes who have been doing this sort of thing for the last few months.

What is hard to believe is how many people credit Obama as somehow being capable of telling the truth about anything. The media are deeply broken and should be tossed out with the rest of the garbage left over from the Obama administration. There's a man and a group of people that have just about zero credibility for making accusations about anybody else climbing into bed with Putin. That man's name is Obama and it's his crowd that favored rapprochment with the Soviets at any cost even if they did it in the most stupid, ham-handed, clumsy and ridiculous manner possible.

Who advised Obama and his crew that Trump was a patsy like Romney or McCain that could be pushed around, belittled and ridden out of town on a rail after a brief thuggish attack by the usual crew of liars and scumbags? That person is feeling the heat or Hillary had him chained to a chrysler and dumped in some river in New York.

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