Saturday, December 17, 2022


 The slippery slope we're embarked on is getting perilously close to the brink of war.  With the introduction of American Patriots in the Ukraine to shoot down Russians we're well beyond the point we reached at any other time in the past in terms of staggering blindly into a War everyone sees coming. The Cuban missile crisis was engendered by the fools in the Kremlin who made the point that they were very unhappy with the American Jupiter-Thor nuclear missiles based in Turkey and they thought it was fine to reciprocate by putting some Russian nuclear missiles just about as close to America. They chose poorly.

The idiocy of this administration in punching so far above its weight in both diplomatic affairs and in going up against a Power known since the Mongols for being utterly ruthless is a more than a little terrifying. Our Joint Chiefs of Staff are worthless poltroons who could not fight their way out of a wet paper bag and yet they're the ones that the fools in the White House and National Security Council are relying on for sage military advice. The most profound thing to come out of the Pentagon in the last 10 years is renaming CINCPAC to now be COMINDOPAC. Not too profound now is it?

I hear some of you saying that it's no big deal, we had Patriots in Saudi Arabia up until last year and nobody thought we were in a proxy fight with Iran. True, but then the poltroons in DC withdrew those weapon systems in the face of continuing and ongoing attacks on the Saudi oil refinery/distribution systems to poke the miserable Saudis in the eye. As you may have noticed, the Saudis remember things like that and it was no surprise when the DumDum went crawling to the Crown Prince the Prince was happy to refuse any polite requests to pump more oil. Quel surprise!

Patriot isn't something you can read a comic book tech manual on and figure it out. If the missiles go to Ukraine they're going with American soldiers to operate them which means we're are smack dab in the middle of our own shooting war with Russia. What do they call that? I think we used to refer to that as World War III.

All this is going on and in the news Deutsche Velle, the only thing they talked about at any length at all and it went on for 5-10 minutes was how the EU and UN were going to land on Elon Musk like a ton of bricks for kicking some scumbag so-called journalists off twitter. These are the same outraged people who completely ignored the previous twitter regime's open and blatant conspiracy with federal agencies to dump Trump and ban all conservative voices and even the New York Post. "War! With Russia?! Of course not you ignorant colonial. They wouldn't dare!" Well, that is pretty much how every war in the last century or two has started. One side didn't think the other side would retaliate or react in a military manner. They were wrong.

Another thing our news touched on was the American patriots who were ushered into the Capital by the Capital police and walked around admiring the people's capital. The January 6th Communist Tribunal will decide in the next couple of days if they are going to indict President Trump for some sort of crime. I'll be damned if I know what crime he is supposed to have committed but then the January 6th bunch departed from this reality about 2 years ago and never came back within visual signalling range.

I'm going to miss the Smithsonian.


James said...

What is scary to me is that the Russian Nuclear Force is maintained by Russians. God knows what will happen if they try to fire those things. I've been told by people that I assume should know that ours aren't much better.

boron said...

Thank you. The Genius in the White House (henceforth known as: GITWH) is about to ignite WWIII and the American public (those who are able to speak and read English) are none the wiser since the U.S. media have/will not cover the inanities (particularly amongst the "anti-war" crew) taking place in D.C.

SCOTTtheBADGER said...

How sad that we have people in DC that are so stupid, yet convinced of their own brilliance, that we are where we are now.

Marco the Lab said...

One single Patriot system cost 1Billion dollars. A single system can patrol a area 60miles or 3,600 sqmiles. One missile cost 4million dollars. There are 32 missiles per battery. Normally 2 missiles are launched at a single target. This latest Russian missile attack they swarmed Ukraine's air defense with inert drones. As soon as the radars were activated they were located and destroyed. Three S300 systems were lost in Southern Ukraine this go round. Patriots can not defend themselves from hypersonic missiles or if they run out of missiles....Will be very interesting when the best air defense that the USA has gets tested over there.

HMS Defiant said...

And, as I said, nobody in Ukraine is going to figure out how to use it properly before its first test to destruction....unless, some sharpie sells the whole system under the table to that Russian arms dealer we traded for an idiot.