Friday, December 9, 2022


 It is a very simple lesson really. A child could understand it. NO JUSTICE NO PEACE.

Soros funded district attorneys and socialist mobs like anti fascist and the complete failure to enforce the law have led to a massive increase in crime and violence. Where the failure to maintain law and using the justice system has most advanced retailers are shutting down and moving out. Pretty soon there will be places where the people can only buy goods at much greater expense from the corner stores and they won’t last long either.

Good going democrats. You ruin another 10,000 lives every single day.



Dan said...

The left wants to redefine the word justice so that it serves their agenda. And use that definition to destroy anyone who opposes their assaults on freedom. Quite simply the left intends to RULE us and will do whatever required to achieve that goal. So far they are succeeding.... massively.

Anonymous said...

Every time I see the scene of animals grabbing everything off the shelves and walking out untouched without a word of dissent from the shop keepers or the other customers who don't have any idea why the prices of everything is going through the roof...

I think of the quote from Thomas Sowell:
"If you are not prepared to use Force to defend civilization,
then be prepared to accept barbarism."

If every time the feral animals attempted these crimes,
They were beaten into bloody rags and dumped in the gutter,
Society would learn.

Another favorite saying:
"Using a sledgehammer on a Rat isn't the cleanest way,
BUT, the other Rats do take notice."

MSG Grumpy

boron said...

love to know where the last quote's from

SCOTTtheBADGER said...

The Biden Administration would like to replace cash, with e currency. That way our purchases can be tracked.