Monday, November 14, 2022




robehr orinsky said...

I am still amazed at how the people I thought I knew stared at me malevolently as I walked through the stores without a mask on . Looks that could kill if translated into action . Looks of terror about a bug that killed most people because tptb would not let the proper medicines be prescribed . Or gave the patient remdisivir already known to kill over 50% in the trials they made . I am ashamed of my people ! Americans my arse .

boron said...

Yep! proctology is the study of .... sheeple(?)

HMS Defiant said...

I am ashamed of all the doctors and medical people who ALL simply caved in to what they all had to know was bullshit rules. Anyone who has studied medicine or read the JAMA or Lancet in their free time knew that there would be no real vaccine against COVID just as there is no real vaccine against the Flu or cold virus. The masks were stupid and useless and social distancing a joke and yet the entire medical profession caved in. Those videos of the fat cops chasing a jogger down the beach in SOCAL and the boatloads of cops rounding up the lone paddleboarder in SOCAL were sickening to watch and then having governors state that big box stores could stay open but all mom and pop stores must close and if big box stores had home improvement aisles they must all be barred to customers now trapped in their homes with nothing to do for a year.