Tuesday, November 22, 2022


The Supreme Court has decided that they should order President Trump to turn over his tax records to Congress so that they may use them as weapons against him in all future campaigns and also ensure the full employment of legal scholars and pundits. Having decided that this is the most judicious take on the whole affair I cannot see any reason at all why the next Republican President does not, as his first act, sign an Executive Order mandating that all Supreme Court justices must make public 100% of their tax returns and documentation for the previous 10 years and also mandates that all Congressman must publish online 100% of their tax returns and documentation so that we can all scrutinize it and then moan about how ethically corrupt and crooked they all are.

I really don't understand this action by the Court. It serves no legitimate purpose at all.


  1. Actually, I wonder if Trump is the lightning rod. If his are open, then so are all the others. Obama, Clinton, Gore, Biden. The list goes on. Sorry about Gore. I'm from Tennessee and the hatred goes back a long ways.

  2. Haha....the next Republican President. Since Republicans are not willing to cheat like the Dems, they will never see the executive office again.

  3. Every member of Congress, their immediate family members, their staffs, should be required to make their tax returns public. For as far back as any member of the public demands.