Monday, November 28, 2022


I'm reading instapundit and he is talking about race. A thing I know. I remember many of us in California voted yes on Prop 206. We were schmucks who actually wanted to bring to an end discriminating on the basis of race.

I tend to mock the Karens. I met them all in California.  On Sundays when I wasn't in Korea I wasn't at home either. Nope, I took the little one to Jimboree and to be honest, I enjoyed it but an awful lot of mothers dropped their sprogs off and went right next door to do pilates in front of the awesome gigantic windows between the narrow corridor of our little jimboree mall. I could watch fit girls stretch all day.

I was a shmuck. I could enjoy the view enormously and then go with my girl to get the weekend Madelines and coffee and where I would reliably tell them, "damn, I forgot my wallet and they would still fork over the Madelines and coffee because they knew I'd stop by the next day on my way to work and pay them.

I remember being a little stunned when a friend said, "so wait, they gave you food and coffee and you couldn't pay?" I always paid.

A full 15 years later, she's coming here in a couple of weeks. For all the time I've lived in this place, I don't have that sense of community I had from the widely distributed community I used to know in SOCAL. I kind of miss it. The girls would see me coming with my Sunday New York Times, a bundle of energy and have the Lady milk, coffee and packet of madelines on the counter waiting for us.

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SCOTTtheBADGER said...

Even here in Wisconsin, where that sort of relationship with customers was common, it is now becoming rare.