Thursday, October 20, 2022


 The Clintons unleashed a chain reaction when they named the 4 stars that were sent to Congress for advice and consent. Each of those flag officers ruined the service they were the heads of and they also went on to ensure that all the 3 stars and potential 4 stars were Clinton men. Wesley Clark was the leader of the pack of dismal failure. He instituted the complete collapse of NATO and the post-communist relationship with the Russian Federation. If you had to pick the very worst men to lead the Army, Navy, Air Force, and even the Marines, they picked them.

The current crop were all selected by boards made up of officers selected by the same officers selected by the Clinton team and the Obama team and now we have a navy that is pretty much worthless and an army that can't fight its way out of a wet paper bag. The Marines have a boss who decided that the 911 force doesn't need a heavy entry capability and has cut the Marines down to it's original concept of the fleet marine force without actually having that many ships to embark them on because the amphibious ships burn readily in homeport and cannot safely approach the shore in any contested region. When I say that, I mean the amphibious ships are meat if they get within 200 miles of any enemy coast.

How exactly did the Russian Federation become our enemy? Why are we at war with them? Why is NATO at war with them? Think about it. Give it 5 minutes of serious thought. Set aside the wounded spirits and angst you feel at any war and just ask yourself. WHY THE FUCK ARE WE AT WAR WITH RUSSIA NOW? WHY IS NATO AT WAR WITH RUSSIA NOW?

NATO right now cannot compel the unarmed immigrants in their millions from invading their countries and neither can we.


Anonymous said...

Back 10 years ago I was refitting the 2.6M satellite earth station at Camp Pendleton. The satellite farm is a beachfront area so the equipment gets sandblasted if there is any wind above 10 mph. Add the salt water mists and things corrode quickly and all of the metal hardware needs replacing about every 8 years.

During this refit a hovercraft came in dropping off the Marines for a beach assault. They did it 4 times during the 2 weeks we were there. Each time it was a total clusterfuck. My conclusion was a hovercraft landing was a lot like climbing out of the trenches in France during WWI. The days of storming the beaches are over do to technology and advanced weaponry.

boron said...

because the lapdogs of the Democrat party (the media) want to sell advertising; WTF, it attracts more open-mouthed dummies than football, baseball, basketball, and soccer combined.
and the more brilliant ones can repeat the totals from the scoreboards: KIA, WIA, MIA that they heard from the news hour Charlie McCarthys on screen

HMS Defiant said...

I used to have reason to visit MCTESSA at Pendleton back when I was a contractor and we were looking at Blue Force Tracking. I then got recalled to active duty and visited them again but wearing my uniform. Totally completely blew my mind. The young satellite engineer/battle veterans I had been dealing with for months were unaware. It called to mind the time Lex and I walked together into SPAWAR over Pacific Highway. Just contractors don't you know.

HMS Defiant said...

You can still access it via youtube. I remember though I prefer to not. My dad was over in the Central Highlands as a battery commander and the G3 of a battalion. It wasn't, as I remember it until '68 that we started to see the number KIA and it was over 400 a week. We've fought half a dozen wars since then without the casualties we had in a single week in Vietnam.
I used to make the college girls from elite new england schools puke when I'd mildly point out at the o'club that it was democrats that got us into every single war America ever fought. This was during Reagan's first moments as President and before we started the good wars and well before we got into the bad wars which we won very easily in a few hours. it was the nation building shit that killed and so badly wounded so many of our young people.
There is absolutely no reason to be at war with anybody right now. In uncertain territory you DO NOT PRESS YOUR opponent to the wall to make them beg for mercy. Everybody but the state department dem losers knows that. Yet they all graduated from Yale and Harvard so they're smarter than us.