Wednesday, October 12, 2022


 I just saw this at Vox Day and he’s right. It still defines Europe then and now. Nothing changed over the last 70 years.


SCOTTtheBADGER said...

Europeans remain Europeans, but they seem to enjoy having a hive mind more than the past.

HMS Defiant said...

I thought it was funny. They all followed Hitler like good little socialists and sold the Czechs and Poles down the river.

Adirondack Patriot said...

April 4, 1942 was when this was mailed, the Nazis controlled France and note the stamp with Petain, the traitorous president of the Vichy government. There is no mention of the USSR, which is also in Europe but Germany invaded in June 1941. This is an Easter card, but nothing about it references the Christian holiday. Very odd propaganda.