Monday, October 24, 2022


 My college room mate had a stereo and 3 Genesis albums and Breakfast in America by Boston. My next college room mate had a stereo and an album by the Byrds. I finally bought a stereo as a 25 year old lieutenant. It was big. I had 3 records and a CD. Almost 40 years later I bought another stereo to replace the one that went down in flames long ago. Turns out I have exactly one music CD, Dido.

It is amusing for me. I remember pre-wedding that I would come back to my beach place and the very first thing I always did was turn on the stereo. Always. Perhaps my inner soul knew I didn't want to be alone. You know, you're allowed regrets but then when you meet the little girl now grown who is an assertive little piece of you, well, you can look back and tell Oregon to go fuck itself. Their very last letter to me this week told me that we were done and over and perhaps two guys named Moe armed with shotguns would pay a call on me.

In the meantime, listening to Dido's album is enough.

and I can deal with any Moe that shows up.



boron said...

Orygone's begun doing that moe and moe as the taxpayers've begun leaving in droves.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Defiant, and but 'Breakfast in America' was by Supertramp. I remember when that was a current song and album.
--Tennessee Budd

Anonymous said...

You sir are 100% correct. it was Supertramp! It was the album he kept in his closet. God knows why.

Anonymous said...

Boston was the sole 8 track tape my next door neighbor had and yes we listened to it while trying his very best to die young in the Nittany Valley. He was also the one with the car and we got lucky when he decided to fix his transmission and pulled it apart on 5 lunch trays from the mess hall. Never went back together.