Saturday, October 22, 2022


The lying liars who just lied their way into hell. Every single one of these former "intelligence" officers lied about President Trump and strained credulity to the limit. Nobody will ever again trust the liars that worked in the CIA or the domestic intelligence know, other than the fools who vote democrat because they KNOW Trump is a liar. I've never seen one yet who can point to a lie he spoke or wrote but they hate with passion and will refuse reason if offered it in a glass with ice. Needless to say, I no longer offer reason and simply move on and leave them to their own delusion. Heinlein et al were right, you can't fix stupid and while ignorant was once a challenge, here in America the fight is over and ignorance won.

I wanted to capture the image of the 51 calling Trump a liar from the NYT ad but it is hard to find. It calls to mind the time I smuggled guns into the Kingdom and told the CO that despite a huge cache of terrorist weapons found on the beach about 20 miles away just last week, the Kingdom would not permit our exercise participants to have weapons and thus, smuggling. While the mobile unit involved maintained the necessarily quiet nature of my efforts we had a trained police officer who was showing a young female LT something to do with weapon safety who fired a bullet into the ceiling of the coach's office about 10 minutes before I had driven over the causeway and made my way up to the Persian Gulf Fleet HQ and soccer stadium. It was one of those moments where you simply shake your head and walk away.

I don't think the liars should have that moment. They all of them lied their heads off about President Trump and they should be made to pay for that. Politics once stopped at the shore of this continent but the democrats are now expediting our descent into Hell and paving the overseas route here and they should be made to answer for that.

You can safely ask, what harm is done by their lies and yet the answer is right there in your news feed and in your face. Decent Americans of the 22% of Americans that are capable and eligible are no longer enlisting in our armed forces. We used to. Under Ronald Reagan the armed forces reached their Cold War peak. Now? Well, I wouldn't sign up in this armed force and I cannot blame anyone else for refusing either. You know the GI bill was a winner right off the top. But now, as a straight white male, would I want to sign up for college.....? The Liberal Arts schools are long gone to the toasty crunchy left and insane but MIT and CalTech are right behind them. Can you even imagine a nerd mathematician making it through the unpleasantness of woke academies today? 

I can see us falling into barbarism........ and can't you see the woke trying to explain that there are still all kinds of places to get a haircut. Me? I drive 20 miles to Burton for a haircut since there are really good Rachel sandwiches across the street and some nice shopping at a farmer's market on the way out of town Cleveland library card is still good for taking books out of their wonderful library.


boron said...

so what do we, the octagenarians who gave Uncle Sam a blank check many moons ago, do about it now?

HMS Defiant said...

It's possible that we are the curmudgeons that galled our earlier selves now brought to life as the dinosaurs of the past. I can live with that. I used to the be CHENG and was responsible on the ship scale for maintaining power and light. It's been over there on the right side of my blog since I started here long ago. We are seeing the lights going out in Europe and the Europeans are all helpless to prevent it, in thrall to the an evil lie about carbon dioxide. I have to admit I laugh now every time I see them but feel sorry for all the little people who know better but got tumbrilled by little Greta and her fantastical story about climate change.
You can shout till you're blue in the face about the satellite data showing absolutely no sign of global warming for the last 40 years and the idiots are so lost to the message that they don't hear and won't believe.
I think we might get to see nuclear weapons used in anger again. It is not unexpected by me or those like me. I remember the Soviet arsenal and as the weapons officer on a destroyer I knew just how helpless we all were in the face of a Backfire raid. It was game over.

SCOTTtheBADGER said...

They don't want to know. Even though we know for a fact that grapes were grown in northern England at the time of Columbus, and that there WAS a broad Northwest passage at that time, but no one sailed far enough north to find it.

SCOTTtheBADGER said...

The Clintons and Obama cleared out the warriors and professionals, and advanced their toadies.