Wednesday, February 10, 2021



OldAFSarge said...

Love that song.

HMS Defiant said...

Music was a ready reliable bastion against the insanity one sometimes played a role in. I haven't owned a stereo in over 30 years ago but I find the music plays just as sweetly if you give it room. I think the best music I listened to happened in your neck of the woods, walking off Newport Naval Station to get something to eat after the base CO closed it to all traffic and on all of Goat and Coasters harbor island there was nothing to eat. I draw the line at cheeze wizz. I would walk out the back gate to Mama Leone's for a pizza, drawing my coat about me. It was the only time I ever wore a coat. Not really. As I mentioned before, I'd come on deck for the midwatch wearing my full woolly pully sweater and foul weather jacket because the temps had dropped down to the low seventies. I was freezing my ass off.