Sunday, June 4, 2017


Can you imagine teaching in a school system where exactly no students could pass a test? I wonder how indescribably grim and horrible a school must be where whatever it is they do there, it doesn't include studying English or math. Don't get me wrong, I hated to study English and math but I knew that me being there from daybreak until dusk was the price I was going to pay irregardless of whether or not I actually learned anything and I might as well apply myself to learning.

I still can't write but my math is precious to me because it is such a rare and confined little smattering of arithmetic. All the stuff with x's, imaginary numbers and anything in brackets is lost and gone forever and might never have been if you look at my school transcripts. Still. I can do arithmetic and long division and there was never in my life anytime that I needed to work out the square root of anything or calculate the area under the slope of any given line.

As a Fire Control Officer on a missile firing destroyer I had one occasion to use math. I had to calculate the super elevation of the missile launcher and put that number into the missile firing plan that I wrote for our one and only missile shoot after we left Todd Shipyard and the tender mercies of NSWS. Oddly enough, that is pronounced as 'nemesis' and by God they were mine. Anyhow, a little geometry remained and was just enough to calculate the angle for a plan that nobody else ever read and, from the results, nobody who was briefed on it, paid any attention to.

How do I know that? Well, throughout the plan I plagiarized the crap of the Pacific Missile Range's plans for missile firing ships which included multiple and repeated warning about NOT RECOVERING any drones that suffered their expected fate and GOT SHOT DOWN. We no sooner shot down the BQM-34 and the CO was putting the rudder hard over to head to the scene of the splash and start recovering the debris. It took the Range Safety Officer tugging on his cape to keep the CO from salvaging the slivers that remained afloat and hauling them aboard. It was a very weird ship.

But back to Baltimore. Why? Why would ANYBODY spend their life teaching in a place like that where nobody at all, not one, wants to learn? It must be nothing more than a nursery school for older kids who must hate being there even more than the teachers hate it. It's like Hell with a school bus.

I don't think there could ever be a dawn that breaks where students or teachers get up and actually look forward to the 8 hours they're going to spend in confinement with the drug dealers, pushers, rapists, murderers and whatnot because what do you get out of a school system that fails to instruct in civilization? You get anti-civilization and you get it good and hard.

My God, can you imagine employers in and around Baltimore who need to hire workers, counter help, cashiers, stock boys? Where do they get employees and do they dread hiring the way I dread going to the dentist? You know who else can't use people from these schools? Yeah, the employer of last resort (supposedly). The Armed Forces make you take a test before they let you in and if you fail the test, they don't want you. Thank God!

Public schools are mandated by the law. They used to have fairly robust organizations devoted to seeing that everyone attended school, everyone had their shots up to date, everybody could pass a physical exam and read an eye chart and everyone got exposed to math, history and English. Civil society thought they were the basic grounding for leading an exemplary American life. For some time now everyone has been content with the old fake it till you make it school of thought and that is what we are turning out; little toxic blooms of anti-civilization to dwell in the deep city and keep alive a world out of time. They prey on civilization and as long as they last, they insist that they are smarter than you.

In the war we never fought we used to describe incoming soviet missiles hitting 'important' targets because they, like us, were targeting cities. As one looks back to that non-war, one wonders.....How many cities could we trade in the calculus of thermo-nuclear war? We could easily start with Baltimore. If you read the words to the side of this post, you can see how I feel about the old cities.

These schools are literally across the street from me. There's 3 of them. They're all 100 years old. As you can see, the fabric of civilization quickly decays.

Elementary School

Still the elementary school

Middle School

Middle School again.

School across the street cornerstone
I remember driving by a Nashville school with a similar cornerstone. I thought it remarkable that children could still learn in such an old building. In retrospect, nothing remarkable about it. Kids haven't changed, instruction should not have changed and the surroundings are a mere bagatelle.

It's not the fabric of the school or school system that need to change. They have worked for generations. I think perhaps some people have lost the bubble on how to teach and perhaps, have failed to learn that you cannot teach all of the people. For the good of all, some need to go because they ruin it for all. Baltimore leads the pack of diminishing returns.


The Old Man said...

The truth you speak. But the schools in Metroparkcentralis are equally FUBARED. The days of learning to advance yourself are honored in the breech in the CMSD.
This is not a warm fuzzy, as you pointed out. It will, however, advance the use of robotics due to a lack of un- or semi-skilled workers willing to work and advance past government handouts.
C'est dommage. And deadly to western civilization.

HMS Defiant said...

A year or two ago there was a man in line in front of me at Shaker Square's CVS. He was in his sixties and had to ask the girl at the counter to read things off to him. His vision was OK, he just never learned to read. I cannot remember not being able to read the billboards and signs and at 4 my daughter could read just fine. She didn't need my help and would point out where I missed a word when reading her a story at bedtime. How in the two worlds does one attend school for 12 years and not learn to read?

OldAFSarge said...

Teacher's unions, administrative bloat, and the "everyone gets a trophy" mantra, that's how you produce non-productive, illiterate, and ill-informed voters.

Which is precisely what the politicians want. My $0.02.

HMS Defiant said...

It is truly sad though to see. Idiots blather about a 'right' to health care and what I see, is people that cannot read, cannot do math and as a consequence, get locked out of civilization altogether.